For the longest time I've always wanted to start a retail business. After I had my son I couldn't work full time during the day anymore so I decided to finally go for it and launch my own online fashion boutique website from home! My website was built from scratch

by me (Jacqueline Curtsinger) I also do the photography on my own. My sons middle name is Saint and mine is Lucille, it's very meaningful to me and where the name Saint Lucille came from.

I have my own specific taste, I do stay on top of whats trending but I will always be myself when choosing product for my line. I've always been complimented on my clothing and fashion sense which has really driven me to this point. I'm so excited to share my vision with you and give everyone the opportunity to pretty much shop my closet at ease knowing they are going to get a great quality product. I want you to feel confident and stand out, I want people to ask you... where did you get your outfit from? 

Welcome to Saint Lucille Fashion Boutique 

- Jacqueline Curtsinger @jacquelinecurtsinge

Saint Lucille Fashion Boutique LLC is based in the heart of Destin Florida 32541 

Destin Florida 32541

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